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icon3Block Control – Your Curated Ad Blocker

Block Control is a Safari Content Blocker featuring curated Ad, Tracker and JavaScript blocking. The result: high-performance browsing and reduced data transmission! It’s the most comprehensive solution to ad blocking in Safari, and it prevents advertising services from tracking your activity across multiple domains.

Try browsing with Block Control today! To enable and disable Block Control, simply tap Settings > Safari > Content Blockers.

1.) Faster Browsing: Experience powerful Ad Blocking for efficient bandwidth and data usage
2.) Quality Content: Over 9,000 locations blocked with free monthly updates
3.) Submit New Ads to Block: Found something we should be blocking? Simply report the ad on our website and we’ll include it in the next update

Contact us for more details, report ads, or ask questions using the Comments form below. Thank you!



Find support and information on this website about the following mobile apps, games and utilities:

Try the premium ad blocker Block Control for iOS, available only on iTunes and the App Store!

Titanbase Productions and Blue Fugu are trademarks of Ben Lindelof.  Copyright © 2000-2015 Ben Lindelof.  All rights reserved.


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