Titanbase Screensavers

Screensavers are now available for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on iTunes!  Watch for free screensaver updates! It’s like a free subscription to new screensavers!

These are fun to watch if you don’t want to turn off the display when listening to music.  Click your Home button and start the screensaver!  Click the Home button again to exit the screensaver.  This works with most apps, including Music, Pandora and other music apps.
Let us know what you would like to see in future screensavers and features you would like to see in updates.  Open iTunes, find your screensaver and leave comments and suggestions for developers.  Thank you!
Titanbase and Blue Fugu are software trademarks of Ben Lindelof.  Questions about screensavers? E-mail: benlindelof@gmail.com
The Aquarium Screensaver fish animation is based on the art style concept at: http://benjaminlindelof.tripod.com/bluepuff/index.html Check iTunes for help with app download issues.

The Ultimate Screensaver can be changed by clicking your device’s Home button, then tap the Settings icon.  Under Settings, look for the Ultimate Screensaver icon.  Once you have made your selection, it will take effect the next time the screensaver is started!
Available on the iPhone App Store

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